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Whether you’re working with buyers or sellers, there’s one question that everyone has on their mind:

How will this affect my bank account?

TeamTitleAgent ONE calculates buyer estimates and seller net sheets in the matter of seconds based on your state and county. You enter sales price, down payment, interest rate, broker fee, and up to seven other pieces of information (depending on the report) to automatically generate easy to read, colorful, detailed graphs and tables. For example, you might want to run a Net at Close report for the seller. By entering sales price, broker fee, repairs, property taxes, loan balance, interest rate, and closing date, you’ll get a circular graph that shows you the total closing cost and the amount of money the seller will keep. You can even click directly into the graph to adjust the numbers.

Our real estate management software also lets you go one step further and run calculations like monthly affordability, rent vs. buy, and sell to net, as well as compare multiple offers. 

TeamTitleAgent ONE saves you from manual calculations and presents information in easy-to-understand graphs. Though, you do need to have every bit of information at your disposal in order to run these reports. For example, to run the Net at Close report accurately, you need to know how much each repair will cost—and that information is dependent on third-party contractors providing a quote on time. However, if you’re looking for a quick way to give buyers and sellers a rough idea of financials, TeamTitleAgent ONE does the trick.

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