For Buyers

Are you purchasing a home or commercial property? We can help you! Team Title Services can assist you in your home-buying process from start to finish. One aspect of purchasing a new home that is often overlooked is title insurance. Title insurance protects you, the insured, from a loss that may occur from matters or faults from the past. We help you tie up all the loose ends of your purchase before closing day and protect you from the unknown past of your future home or property. We pride ourselves in our ability to marry our experience with the latest technology to bring you clear communication and efficient processes.

For example, a homeowner’s policy, protects you, the purchaser, against a loss that may occur from fault in your ownership or interest you have in the property. You should protect the equity in your new home with a title insurance policy.


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For Sellers

Are you selling your house or property and looking for a place to close the deal? Team Title Services provides an efficient and effortless closing experience. Our offices are located in downtown Chattanooga to be convenient to all of the Chattanooga area, and our open, bright offices will make your closing a comfortable and smooth experience. If you have questions or concerns, we are here to help.