Why You Still Need A Realtor in 2019

In the world of eBay, Amazon, and YouTube, anyone can become a DIY pro and an expert in a lot of things. More and more people are perfecting the art of a side hustle and entrepreneurship continues to be on the rise. Unfortunately, that means that many people think they can ignore the realtors of the world and do things themselves. You know your own value, but communicating that to clients and marketing yourself are more critical now than ever before. Here are three easy and concise reasons that you can lay in front of clients during that first meeting to reassure them of why they need your services.

  1. A good realtor will provide you with much needed counsel.

Imagine giving your clients a therapist, mentor, and market analyst all rolled up into one nice package. While they may not see it that way, you know the amount of advice, discussion, and information that you’ll be giving your clients throughout the buying or selling process. Unless they’re hiding a real estate license somewhere, they won’t have anywhere near the knowledge and experience you do. Remind your clients that your services go far beyond overseeing a transaction, and that you care about their family and making the right choice. Make sure to include past client testimonials on your website or marketing materials so that new clients know how far your services will go for them.

  1. Contracts can be tricky

As a real estate agent, you are bound by law to have a fiduciary relationship to your clients. But beyond that, they need to know more than your legal obligation and your competency. They want to know you have their best interests at heart, and showing them that you value more than the commission will go a long way. Walking them through every document and explaining all of the information clearly is one of the best ways to do that. Pay attention to their confused looks and be ready to clarify any concern or question they have.

  1. Clients will make more or spend less with a realtor at their side

Even if a home is fully owned, the temptation to skip using a realtor is greater now than ever before. The desire to maximize profits while skipping the commission pieces is a draw for anyone in today’s market. But there are so many things that these potential clients won’t think through. Information about the area, staging, showings, and paperwork can quickly derail those good intentions and cost them more time and money, or even incur a lawsuit. With a realtor, statistics show that clients will make more on a sale or spend less on a purchase. The value is truly there for your client. Reassure both new and existing clients that having you at their side is the very best thing for them throughout the entire buying or selling process.