Make Closing On a Home Stress Free!

What’s one thing you can do to make closing stress free on you, AND turn your client into a repeat customer?

Make your closing as smooth and stress free as possible.

Even if you’ve got the best closing attorney, the greatest mortgage company, and had the easiest buyers of all time, here are three ways you can make your closing as smooth as possible.

1.    Plan Extra Time

Traffic. Misspelled names. Bad pens. Missing documents. You name it, it might go wrong, and cost you more time than you originally told your clients. They’ve already waited up to 45 days to get to this point, and an hour delay in the closing process can damage your repeat business. Help them (and yourself!) out and create a wide timeframe for your clients to expect to operate in. Tell them way in advance if they’ll have to plan a half day off work. If it goes short, they’ll thank you for it!

2.    Walk Your Client Through the Steps of Closing 

A first-time home buyer will need a crash course in what to expect at the closing. What types of documents are they looking at? What do those numbers mean? Are they supposed to bring ID with them? Even a veteran buyer needs a refresher course. Call them at least two days prior and give them the play-by-play of how the closing will go down. That way, when you get to the table, you can help them go in with confidence. But your job’s not done when you get there either. Pay attention to the looks on their faces when a new document is put in front of them, and be ready to speak up and say, “Remember this one says…” They don’t just depend on you to find them a home; they need you to walk across the finish line with them as well.  

3.    Develop a Solid Relationship with a Title Loan Company

You’ve got your go-to lenders on speed dial. The buyer might even have theirs ready to go before you can suggest one. You’ve got trust built in for the mortgage already. But what about a title loan company? Having a relationship with a title company can give your clients the extra peace of mind that the home they’ve dreamed about will be protected from all sides. They’re also not going to give this any thought beforehand. The more of your business relationships you can offer them throughout the process, the more appreciative they’ll be of how thorough you are, and the more likely they’ll be to refer you to others.