Four Reasons Realtors Should Invest in Continuing Education

After completing you begin your job or finish a degree or certification, you can’t stop learning. The most successful leaders in the world understand that lifelong learning is a critical component to success. Every industry knows that if you don’t keep growing and learning, you’re doomed to be stuck exactly where you are now, or hopping from career to career without advancement or true fulfillment. Becoming a life-long learner is a skill developed at an early age or stage in your career, and refined as time goes on.

Apart from the practical side of continuing education, there are so many great benefits. As a realtor, your clients may never understand the amount of time you invest in your career, but they will immediately notice if you’ve put in the effort to become the best, or if you’re ok to do the bare minimum. Knowing your stuff might get you a lead, but pushing yourself to be better will make your services invaluable to your clients. Here are just a few reasons why continuing education is so important.

  1. You have to do it to keep your license

You worked hard to get your license. Lots of hours, tests, and effort to be able to do what you love could be cancelled out if you fail to keep up with continuing education. Like many other industries, continuing education is a requirement to keep doing what you’re doing. Every state has different standards, and Tennessee requires that you submit a minimum of 18 continuing education hours every two years to maintain your license. The last thing you want is to start over and retest. Continuing education makes your life a whole lot easier and keeps you serving your clients.

  1. You’ll stay up to date with a changing industry

Regulations constantly change, and our industry never stays the same. Thanks to the internet, you might be able to get glimpses and snippets of these moves, but until you fully immerse yourself in a room with an expert, much of it can be lost. Plus, sticking to “the way things were” could be detrimental to your bottom line. If you want to be on your game, you have to know what’s going on. There’s no better way than learning from the best in the business. Continuing education will keep you current on all that’s moving in the real estate industry.

  1. You will serve your clients better (if you apply yourself correctly)

We know that the last thing you want to do is take hours away from your clients and sit through a boring informational session to simply check off the requirements. But if you’re really committed to serving your clients as best you can, you can take your new knowledge and increase your level of service. We’ve heard countless times that continuing education is what you make of it. If you put in minimal effort, you’ll get minimal value. Clients will trust a realtor’s judgement when they know you know your stuff, and your clients will be better off throughout the entire process of buying or selling. So do THEM a favor by soaking up all you can, and applying it directly to the care you provide.

  1. You’ll earn more money!

According to the NAR member profile, realtors who have an NAR continuing education certification earn on average $27,000 more per year. Do the math: that’s an average annual payoff of $1,500 per continuing education hour you complete. You’re not just doing this for your client’s interest; it’s also really good for your own business. On all accounts, continuing education is worth every penny and will do nothing but make you a better realtor.